As a child I was always drawing, facinated by forms, lines and colors. At the age of 16 I left home to study art and design. I wasn´t sure how and in which direction.

After by chance have ended up with a jeweler on a summer job,  I kept on study jewelry design in Stockholm. I became later employed at a minior jewelry design company.
After some years I longed to experiment more and find my own way to work. So I resigned myself and started up a small business at my home, focused on jewelry and illustration. The company did better and better, even though it was very tough. I worked with iron and gold in combination with precious stones, and I was forced to find new ways of working than just traditional processing of precious metals. I questioned the word "valuable" when it came to jewelry and gems. Is gold more precious because it has a high commercial value, or can, for example the iron become just as valuable if it is processed into an equally beautiful piece, even if the material is almost free?

After a couple of years it was time for self-development and I searched various schools of jewelry design, but chosed at the end Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence. Thanks to a major grant, this was possible. 
family with two small children accompanied me. We sold the house and everything we owned, packed a Crysler with tools and toys and headed south. After a couple of years of interesting meetings, new knowledge and experience, we went back to Sweden. This time to Gothenburg. I started up my company and housed in various collective design studios. After a couple of years of hard work todays collections began to take shape, and since April 2011 Elindesign Jewellery has it´s own showroom/shop in central Gothenburg.



Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florens Italien. 
Contemporary Art Jewellery 

Borås Högskola och Umeå Universitet
Courses in design and fashion

Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm
Graphic design and illustration

Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm
Art jewellery and silversmithing 

Västerås konstskola, Västerås
Art School     

Bildlinjen, Brinellgymnasiet, Nässjö
Art school 


– Peter Skubic, jewellery

– Iris Eischenberg, jewellery

– Giovanni Coravaja, granulation/jewellery 




"A Jewellery Circus", SILO, Göteborg

"Hnoss Extended" Konstepedemien, Göteborg

Gallery Workshop, Aten, Grekland

“The Pendant Show” Gallery Velvet da Vinci, USA

“10th of Alchimia” Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, Tyskland

“ARTornamento”, Gallery Alternatives, Rom, Italien

“Summer festival” Gallery Slavik. Wien, Österrike

“Absolute Beauty” Gallery of Art in Legnica. Polen

“Protect Childhood” ArteLibera, Schweiz (On tour in Europe for 6month)

Alchemic Visions” Korean Craft Promotion Foundation. Seoul, Korea

Alchemic Visions” Gallery Baum Paju/Heyri, Korea

“End of Year” Alchimia Florens, Italien

“No Diamonds” Fuori Salone del Mobili, (White star adventure) Milano, Italien

“Craft Boston” Boston USA  

“Inhorgenta” München, Tyskland


“500 Pendants and Lockets”, Lark Books USA.                           

“10 years Alchimia


Bjuggska Fonden                         

Estrid Ericson´s Stiftelse            

J L Eklunds Stipendie               

Fredrika Bremer Stipendiet